Steve has my highest recommendation.

Steve can take a project from proposal to completion faster and more efficiently than anyone I know. He does this by (1) turning subordinates and subcontractors into partners, giving them every tool necessary, (2) inspiring top performance from the team, (3) setting realistic expectations for the client, and (4) ensuring that everyone is rewarded when the dust settles.

Steve shares his time and resources in and out of projects and has the unique ability to inspire everyone to exceed expectations.

We were leery when Steve was hired to manage a project for one of our clients, but Steve quickly proved his value as a leader and advocate for the team, driving a complex, six-figure project from 3,000 miles away, finishing on time and within budget. The next half dozen projects with Steve were just as rewarding. We look forward to working with Steve again.

Cael Weston CEO Acme Computer December 13, 2017

Steve is the most reliable IT guru I have ever worked with. His availability is literally untouchable. There are a lot of techs that are good at what they do, but availability is lacking. Steve always has a great solution and customer service & follow up is outstanding. Working with him has been a breath of fresh air.

Aimee Arnold Marketing Professional December 13, 2017

I have worked with Steve for many years both on client matters and on my own IT and website needs. Steve has a deep understanding of IT and website design and also possesses superb executive skills. He understands a client's strategic goals and the parameters under which he must operate to achieve them. Steve is smart, innovative and tireless in his efforts to complete the assignment. He is also a dynamic leader and mentor to the people who work for him. Steve cares about people. He is always willing to give his time to listen and provide advice on both professional and personal matters. It has been a privilege to work with him and I recommend Steve without reservation.

John C. Prescott Founding Member Prescott Advisors December 13, 2017

There is no one I would want to handle my IT needs than Steve Snyder. I have worked with Steve on several projects and recommend him to other colleagues and businesses. He has delivered all of these projects as promised and in a professional manner. Steve is uncompromising in his attention to detail and the delivery of a great product to his customers.
I can not recommend Steve any more highly.

Jerry Pucillo CEO Centergreen LLC December 13, 2017

I have had the privilege of working with Steve over the past five years on a wide range of matters. Steve has a unique combination of technical expertise and business judgment that allows him to handle everything from day-to-day operational issues - to large scale networks and systems - to complex website design and implementation. He is a true visionary in the IT world and has provided strategic guidance across all segments of our organization. I highly recommend working with Steve if you have the opportunity.

Rich Zermani Commercial Attorney December 13, 2017

Steve has the unique combination of the IT business executive who defines the overall IT strategy and goals of his organization and also drives the day to day execution of the strategy. Steve has strong technical roots in web architecture and development which enable him to effectively drive the delivery of large and complex IT development projects. Steve is inspirational in his management style. He has the "gift" to empower and drive his teams to deliver above expectations and yet have fun along the way. I worked for Steve on a large development project and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career. It would be a privilege if I get to work with Steve again in the future.

Ramzi Saba Director, Digital Engineering December 13, 2017

Steve is a real visionary when it comes to I.T. His ability to define, plan and manage very large scale networks and systems is second to none. He has the rare gift of being able to manage projects at 10,000 feet and all the way down to the ground. Steve also has an amazing grasp on new technology. He is able to look ahead with great insight as to what technologies are going to ultimately create a positive impact on his organization. In addition to Steve's Business Professionalism, he is a great guy to work with. I would highly recommend Steve.

Bob Pommer President Optelcon December 13, 2017

Steve Snyder came highly recommended to me when I needed to create a website for a very high profile public event. Steve's expertise in graphics, databases, and web technology were extremely helpful not only in providing information to our target audience, but also in collecting information needed for the event.

Steve has attributes that make working with him very productive: he is pro-active, innovative, accessible, and courteous. His attention to detail and customer service made me very confident that our website was just as important to him as it was to us.

I will certainly use Steve Snyder again without hesitation and I highly recommend him.

Terence Burke VP Communications Strategy December 13, 2017